ugh. so beautiful.
Anonymous asked: "Based off the looks of it, you will most likely have to get it surgery removed. It's similar to when a person looses a lot of weight too quickly and they have a lot of exes skin left over, but vice verse. DO NOT try to stretch the ear anymore."

damn /: meh. thanks for the tip hun.

Anonymous asked: "has your ear always been that way?"

for awhile, yes.

I think it became that way because I had trouble stretching with my right ear to an inch it’s been like 8-10 months?

someone please help.
I really want to get rid of my scar tissue (as you see on the left picture.) It just looks horrible when I wear jewelry (as you can see on the right pic.) and it just looks horrible period. my earlobe looks dry cause I just cleaned them and as I was drying them off, I just looked at my earlobe in the mirror and just got my DSLR camera and took a picture so everyone can see it clearly, so someone can help me. My lobes are 1 inch.
so, can anyone tell me what can I do to get rid of this?